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Brunswick Magic's elected committee is composed of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

In addition, there are several sub-committees overseeing key aspects of the club's activities. 

There are many ways you can volunteer with Brunswick Magic.

Click on the roles and get in touch with the club to find out more.

The President

- holds other committee members and club members accountable for upholding the Club's vision and values.

- chairs meetings and reports at the AGM

- liaises with Coburg Basketball Association (one meeting every three months, one hour).

The Vice-President

- works closely with the President to carry out the Club's core initiatives

The Treasurer

- is responsible for overseeing the Club's finances and budget

- distributes and deposits funds, and produces financial reports as needed

The Secretary

- documents the Club's meeting minutes

- is the keeper of all Club's members information, registration and league records

- is the liaison with Consumers Affair Victoria including filing necessary documents by the due date

The Sub-committees

The Registration sub-committee

- oversees the registration process

- communicates registration information

- keeps a wait-list of prospective players

The Member database sub-committee

- manages member information database 

- manages TeamApp access groups

- integrates PlayQH with TeamApp

The Admin/Policies sub-committee

- monitors and update policies as required

- ensures Club's compliance with league and government guidelines (working with children checks, biosafety...)

The Coaching sub-committee

- ensures coaches are upholding the Club's standards when interacting with and coaching youth players

- oversees team allocations

- is the key liaison with and provides support and guidance to all coaches

Girls in Sports sub-committee

- is a champion for girls in sports

- oversees specific activities aimed at promoting girls in sports, including player development and grant opportunities

The Communications sub-committee

- monitors and responds to enquiries on the Club's email account

- provides support for communication within and from TeamApp

- maintains and updates the Club's website

The Training venues sub-committee

- is the key liaison with the venues

- oversees booking of all training venues

- ensures booking are forwarded to the treasurer


The Equipment sub-committee

- tracks, orders and distributes team uniforms (jerseys)

- keeps an inventory of playing equipment

- keeps an inventory of bioSafety equipment


The Fundraising/grants sub-committee

- oversees grant/fundraising efforts

- identifies and responds to funding opportunities

- is responsible for reporting funding bodies

Girls in Sport
Training venues
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